Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The SC Topiary Challenge

I LOVE a topiary.
Dear reader of The Boxwood Cottage, do you know how difficult it is to find an indoor topiary in South Carolina? This is now one of my life's challenges.  If you can offer some insight on this, I will reward you.  I am not sure how, but I will find a way. 
I even went so far as to "Ask a Master Gardener" and she was puzzled, too.  I called the only place she suggested, Hyams Nursery in Charleston.  They were more than confused about why I would want to have a topiary inside. Maybe in the South this is unnecessary.  Maybe it only happens in the North where we must nurture indoor greenery (in shapes) to help us limp through the desperate dark days of winter (dark at 4:30, not kidding, and it's not that close to the Arctic Circle). 
I know exactly where to go in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, even Connecticut.  South Carolina? No clue. Savannah seems like the city that really should have an excess of topiaries. Zilch (in my searches).
Consider this post the throwing of the Topiary Gauntlet. Have at it dear readers.  Please someone help!  We must have some living, breathing, growing, green, well-trimmed topiaries at The Boxwood Cottage soon! 
This is the ultimate display.  The POTS are so good.  SO GOOD.

Bunny Williams pop-up shop in The Hamptons? I think? Regardless there is blue & white (hello!), and topiaries in URNS.  See this is New England where topiaries know where to be.  Wait, do these look artificial?  If this is, in fact, Bunny's place, I don't think she would do faux topiaries?  Will I be driven to the same insanity?

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  1. Dahhling that is a tall order for certain! Not sure why none exist in this parts of the world, but may I suggest you do as I do? Preserved boxwoods! they are gorgeous & I have them "sprinkled" all over the house! (your very next obsession, I am sure!)